Go and knock on their door…They’ll be waiting for you

Do you picture yourself as a John Ritter-type? Well now’s your chance to play him, as NBC is developing a tv movie about THREE’S COMPANY.
Fans of ’70s TV will be interested to know that come Aug. 6, Hollywood will be hit with a wave of John Ritter, Suzanne Somers and Joyce DeWitt wannabes. It’s an open casting call for “Three’s Company Revisited,” producer Stan Brooks’ NBC movie about the behind-the-scenes intrigue on the ditzy hit sitcom. A theater for the auditions has yet to be announced. Brooks notes that Ritter, Somers and DeWitt “were unknowns who became big stars. Now we’re looking for unknowns to play them.”
Brooks also reveals that DeWitt will serve as narrator of the flick, which is targeted for a late August production start. According to descriptions of the script, it’ll show the “greed, manipulation and avarice of Hollywood managers and network producers when they get their hands on a runaway hit.” Says the producer, “It’s based on interviews and research, with all of us involved being big fans of the show. I actually was friends with Don Knotts’ son when I was growing up, and I’d go to the ‘Three’s Company’ Friday night tapings.” Knotts, you may recall, played the ever-harried Mr. Furley on the show.