No head for Who. Oops, my bad! No Who for Head!

Well, So Much For Anthony Stewart Head Playing Dr. Who.
Sometimes rumours become tomorrow’s garbage and that’s happened it seems.
An article by John Mosby in the latest issue of Dreamwatch magazine was picked up by People, Ananova, the UK tabloids etc. and it seems the confusion spread from there. Mosby got in touch to help clarify things: “David Fury has indeed said he is talking with various people at the BBC about ideas in which the BBC could make a new Dr.Who series viable. This is not to say a new series is guaranteed, simply that the BBC is actively looking for ways to make the franchise viable again as it approaches its anniversary. At no point did the article say that Tony Head would play the Doctor. In fact we said the exact opposite – that he loved the character and would find it a challenge, but had no inclination at the moment to be take another high profile fantasy role”. The BBC have also denied the Head rumours saying “the BBC aren’t currently making any such plans”. The full quotes and full page news feature with Fury & Head are in the new Dreamwatch Issue 95, out now in the UK.