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Marilyn Monroe ‘God-Awful to Work With’ -Widmark
Hollywood star Richard Widmark found Marilyn Monroe “God-awful to work with.”
And when it comes to heroes, the 87-year-old Widmark has no doubt about his — Spencer Tracy.
Widmark, one of the last survivors of Hollywood’s golden era, told Monday’s Daily Telegraph: “I liked Marilyn but she was God-awful to work with. Impossible, really. She would hide in her dressing room and refuse to come out.”
Widmark, who appeared with Monroe in “Don’t Bother to Knock” 50 years ago, said: “When she would finally show up, she was a nervous wreck. It was all a result of fear. She was insecure about so many things and was obviously self-destructive. She was a wounded bird from the beginning.”
Widmark and Spencer Tracy worked together on “Broken Lance” and “Judgement at Nuremberg.” Widmark loved every minute of it.
“He made everything look so easy and simple and I’d watch him like a hawk. Acting with him was like skating on ice. So smooth. He was a natural who was good when he started his career and good when he ended it,” Widmark said of his idol.