Oh thank heaven, for number 1997!

What Was The Greatest Moment In Baseball History?
GO ahead, take your pick – the greatest moment in baseball was. . .
Lou Gehrig’s farewell speech? Babe Ruth’s called home run against Chicago in the 1932 World Series? Don Larson’s perfect World Series game? The Toronto Blue Jays winning the ’92 Series? Or the dribbler Mookie Wilson hit through Bill Buckner’s legs that turned the 1986 Mets into world champions.
What about Reggie Jackson’s three home runs in Game 6 of the 1977 World Series? Or Willie Mays’ backhanded catch off the Brooklyn Dodgers’ Bobby Morgan in 1951? You be the judge.
Out of the thousands of golden moments in more than a century of pro-baseball, the Fox Sports pre-game for next Tuesday’s All-Star game will attempt to include a lineup of what a group sportswriters, broadcasters and players consider to be the top 30 greatest moments in baseball history.
Twenty-nine will be revealed before the game starts, and the 30th will be saved until the seventh-inning stretch for a special tribute.
Viewers will get to vote on their favorites at Major League Baseball’s Web Site and the top 10 will be named during Game 4 of the 2002 World Series.
“Since the All-Star Game is a celebration of the national pastime there isn’t a better stage to unveil this great game’s most memorable moments than the Mid-Summer Classic,” said Ed Goren, President and Executive Producer of Fox Sports.
At Tuesday’s game, each moment will be revealed on TV and on the Jumbotron at Miller Park in Milwaukee. Some of the players responsible for those moments will be on hand to put in an appearance on the field.