Life is pretty great, and here is 1998!

Today’s New Video & DVD Releases
“I don’t want to see it, I HAVE TO!”
That quote from SHALLOW HAL sums up some of the titles debuting today on video and DVD. You may not want to watch them, but you’ll have to. Either because you have kids in your house (JIMMY NEUTRON), or just because you have to laugh sometimes (the aforementioned SHALLOW HAL).
Also being released today is a 4 DISC VISTA SERIES version of the horrible flop PEARL HARBOUR. I don’t understand why STRANGE BREW and QUICK CHANGE have yet to debut on DVD and this P.O.S. has not only been issued in 3 versions, but now this is 4 Disc Version with extra, extra, extras! Seriously, who could possibly care! If you can give me a good enough reason for this DVD to exist I will give you one free! I’ll even pay the shipping fees!!!! If you can think of said reason, email me at
For now, here are the new DVD and video releases for Tuesday, July 2nd, 2002:
Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius- A boy genius in the making must save the world. (Debi Derryberry (voice), Martin Short (voice), Patrick Stewart (voice))
Shallow Hal- Man is taught to see inner beauty instead of outward looks. (Gwyneth Paltrow, Jack Black, Jason Alexander)
The Killing Yard- A lawyer defends an inmate suspected of murder in riot. (Alan Alda, Rose McGowan, Morris Chestnut)
Pearl Harbour 4 Disc Vista Series Edition- Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Why? Why!
1776 (Director’s Cut)
Austin Powers
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
The Ben Affleck Gift Set (Set)
Chat Room
The Convent
Dancing In September
Delta Force One-Lost Patrol
Dumb And Dumber
Eye Of The Beholder
Fox And His Friends
The Harmonists
I Love Lucy: Season One, Vol. 1
I Love Lucy: Season One, Vol. 2
James Dean: Live Fast, Die Young
Kidsongs: Day With The Animals
Kidsongs: I Can Dance
Kidsongs: I Can Do It
Kidsongs: Play-Along Songs
The Legend Of Boggy Creek
The Mask
Nickelback: Unauthorized-Fragile This Si
Powerpuff Girls: Meet The Beat Alls
Star Trek The Next Generation: Complete (7-Discs)
Teenage Caveman
Temptress Moon
Train: She’s On Fire
Trouble On The Corner
True Life Stories
Z (Collector’s Edition)