So, downloading CD’s off of the internet hurts sales, huh?

Memo To The Record Companies: Release Music Worth Buying And We Will Respond
Folks, Eminem sold 1.3 million units in his first week The rapper’s fans couldn’t live without him. His latest release, “The Eminem Show” sold 1.3 million albums in its first full week in stores, according to industry figures released on Wednesday.
It’s the biggest single-week sales total of the year and easily allowed Eminem to retain his hold at the No. 1 spot for a second week in a row.
Last week, the disc sold 285,000 copies in just three days of release. Interscope Records pushed the release date up to May 26 because it was being heavily bootlegged.
The first song from the CD, “Without Me,” was up to No. 4 this past week on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.
“The Eminem Show” is the rapper’s third disc and the follow-up to his Grammy-winning, multiplatinum album, “The Marshall Mathers LP,” which was released in 2000.