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Voice of Bart Dreads ‘Simpsons’ End
It’s been on the air since 1989, but “The Simpsons” actress Nancy Cartwright said she hopes the Fox TV series will go on forever.
“I just want to say right now we are in season 14, and I am on a personal campaign of ‘Simpsons’ forever,” Cartwright told The Associated Press. Cartwright provides the voice of the smart-aleck Simpson, Bart.
“Simpsons” creator Matt Groening told London’s Financial Times in May that he was getting close to ending the series, whose longevity and consistent critical acclaim have made it one of the best TV shows ever made. He retracted his comments days later, after fans loudly objected to the prospect of life without Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie.
“There’s no reason why the show can’t go on forever, as long as the writing holds up to what it was that Matt Groening established from the very beginning,” Cartwright said.
Even if “The Simpsons” doesn’t go on forever, Cartwright will keep busy. She’s working on a new animated show called “Kim Possible,” providing the voice for a mole rat named Rufus. “Kim Possible” debuts Friday night on the Disney Channel.