What?!? No Bubba TV?

Clinton: Hosting TV Show Unlikely
Former U.S. President Clinton said it’s unlikely he’ll start a new career as a television talk show host but admitted the idea had some appeal.
Clinton met with NBC executives last week in Los Angeles to discuss the possibility of a show, an unconventional move for an ex-president and one that generated a flurry of attention.
“I don’t think this is going to happen,” Clinton said during a National Public Radio interview scheduled to air Friday. “I’d be surprised if it did.”
Clinton, a guest on NPR’s “The Tavis Smiley Show,” said a TV forum would allow him to address “things I care about in an environment where people would be free to listen to larger numbers of people than I can speak to.”
Clinton added that neither he nor the network were the impetus for the meeting. He was approached by a group of people, whom he didn’t identify, and asked for help in financing a show, he said.
Asked if he would accept a position in which he provided analysis or commentary, Clinton said he didn’t know.
NBC has declined to talk about the meeting, and a spokeswoman for Clinton downplayed its significance last week, calling it one of many discussions he’s had about potential projects since leaving office.