Are they or aren’t they?

They May Not Be Dead Just Yet

The Lone Gunmen–the three geeks who helped FBI Agent Mulder over the last nine years–apparently died in a recent episode of The X-Files, but they are slated to appear again in the series’ upcoming two-hour finale, the Vancouver Sun reported. It’s unclear whether the Gunmen–played by Tom Braidwood, Dean Haglund and Bruce Harwood–will appear in flashbacks or otherwise, the newspaper reported.

“Anything’s possible on The X-Files,” Braidwood told the newspaper. He added that it’s “pretty clear” the Gunmen died. “I shouted, ‘Dead man walking!’ as each of us walked on set that last day,” Braidwood said with a laugh.

As for the Gunmen’s demise, Braidwood said, “From the character’s point of view and as an actor playing a character, I personally didn’t see the justification in [the Gunmen’s being killed off], so I was a little disheartened. Largely because of the nature of the characters that we played in the show, the kind of things we represented, the humor we brought to it, the sense of morality we brought to it. But I didn’t disagree with it, in the sense that all the writers have been terrifically supportive of the Lone Gunmen and very fond of them. They didn’t make the decision lightly.”