I hope the CGI is as good

Oz Talks Yoda

Frank Oz spoke with Sci Fi Wire about not being the puppet master of Yoda in STAR WARS EPISODE II: ATTACK OF THE CLONES.

He said that he’s relieved he did not have to operate a puppet for Yoda in the upcoming Star Wars: Episode II–Attack of the Clones. This time, Yoda’s completely computer-animated, and Oz simply provides the character’s voice.

“It was wonderful,” Oz told the site. “I didn’t have to work hard. Everybody else worked hard. [Director] George [Lucas] had told me a lot about it beforehand, so I wasn’t completely surprised. Again, they did all the work, and I’m just taking the credit here. Because they’re the ones who really worked their asses off.”

But Oz declined to reveal details about Yoda’s appearance in the prequel, including a rumored lightsaber fight. “I don’t know what I’m supposed to tell you,” he said. “I guess you have to ask George. No one has ever told me not to say anything–not once–but I always feel beholden to George and like to keep the surprises.” Episode II opens May 16.