Star Wars

If a Jedi wouldn’t seek revenge, would a Sith?!?

RISE OF THE EMPIRE USAToday recently asked George Lucas a few questions about the next STAR WARS installment. “…The director said the title of STAR WARS: EPISODE III won’t officially be announced until November, when the first trailer hits theaters. […]

The Ain’t It Cool NEws picture is disgraceful! Just dreadful! It is so horrible that I am still in shock!!

Giving Birth: According to Dark Horizons, the new title of STAR WARS EPISODE III will be BIRTH OF THE EMPIRE and the film will climax with the battle between Obi-Wan and Anakin. “There’s going to be a big announcement soon,” […]

This is entry number 5498!!

‘STAR WARS’ ‘TOON RETURNS The ‘toon version of “Star Wars” begins its rocket-fueled finale this week. But the series creator, Genndy Tartakovsky – best known for the animated-action series “Samurai Jack” – never thought the “Star Wars” series would make […]