Here’s a scoop! Or is it a moment of desperation?

Peter Mayhew, who played Chewbacca in the original STAR WARS trilogy, has said that he will appear in Episode III. Filmink magazine caught up with Peter ‘Chewbacca’ Mayhew when he was recently in Australia; and found out that he Chewie […]

Including me!

Have You Seen It Yet? The fans are going ape for Yoda’s scenes in “Star Wars: Episode II- Attack Of The Clones.”

Dan’s Thoughts On Star Wars: Episode II

“Star Wars: Episode II- Attack Of The Clones” Has Finally Arrived! The 5th chapter in the “Star Wars” saga opens today and it has been much maligned in all facets of the press. And on one hand, I can see […]

Everyone can enjoy this one!

Yummy! There is now a teaser trailer online for the new Bond film, DIE ANOTHER DAY.

It is awesome!!!

May A Successful Weekend Be With You Box-office analysts are predicting “Star Wars: Episode II- Attack of the Clones” will gross between $90 million and $100 million in its first four days of release. Meanwhile, it’s also predicted U.S. businesses […]

Sacre bleu!

Ques qui se pas?!?! “Star Wars: Episode II- Attack Of The Clones” opens on screens across North America today, but only on a few in Quebec. Distinct society, indeed!

People like me!

Go! Watch! Enjoy! The long wait is finally over for us “Star Wars” fans.


THE REVOLUTION’S HERE Directors Larry and Andy Wachowski posting a teaser trailer to the third Matrix installment, The Matrix Revolutions, on the film’s Website, The film isn’t due in theaters until late 2003.

Who cares!!! We are all going to go and see it anyway!

Look at me! I’m in line already! Even though “Star Wars- Episode II: Attack Of The Clones” is getting mixed reviews.

Purple sabre, purple sabre. Purple sabre, purple sabre…I only want to see you…I only want to see you with your purple sabre (sung to the tune of “Purple Rain)

In “Star Wars- Episode II: Attack Of The Clones” Samuel L. Jackson got his own distinct Light Sabre.