I’ve been swinging to most of the big films 3 or 4 times each!

In Case You Haven’t Noticed The Summer Movie Season is in full swing.

July 26th, baby!

Myers Borrows Themes for ‘Powers’ Mike Myers says he likes the style of 1970s blaxploitation films, and he’s borrowing from the genre for the third “Austin Powers” movie. “It’s such a yummy flavor รณ the language, the music, the cinematography […]

Spoilers contained…for Episode III!

Lucas Reissues Theme for EPISODE III George Lucas reminds everyone what the theme of STAR WARS EPISODE III will be. Beware there are minor spoilers.


This Will Make It Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice In an interview with Fox News, Michael Keaton said that he’s spoken to Tim Burton, and if greenlit, both are ready to do a sequel to 1988’s BEETLEJUICE. No other names were mentioned as […]

Just enjoy!

This Is The Best New Movie You Will See This Weekend If you are looking for an entertaining film to watch this weekend but don’t feel like leaving the house, then I have your answer. Click on and enjoy Lego’s […]

Hey Dan, whats new in theatres this weekend?!?

Enjoy The Popcorn And I’ll See You At The Movies! A high voltage box office battle is set for the U.S. Memorial Day weekend, as a pair of blockbusters still going strong faces three major releases over a session expected […]

Comic Book Movies Rule!

This Movie Is One I Want To See Fox has moved “Daredevil” to February.

I like the concept of this story!

FORCED OUT Electronic Media is reporting that CNN was uninvited to a press junket for “Star Wars: Episode II–Attack of the Clones” at George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch, after Connie Chung did a taped segment that described The Phantom Menace as […]

This is the 1700 Post on this site!

Ferrell Gets Some ‘Action’ This just in: Will Ferrell, in his first deal since announcing his departure from “Saturday Night Live,” will star in the romantic comedy “Action Newsman.” He will portray Ron Burgundy, a 1970s anchorman with raging hormones, […]


Does ALIENS VS. PREDATOR have a director? Who knows whether or not we’ll ever see it, but a scooper over at Aint it Cool News reports that the long-talked about Aliens vs. Predator production is close to signing Paul Anderson […]