De doo doo doo, De dah dah, Dan! Hey Dan! What’s new in theatres this weekend? I’m hoping for a big budget action film or a chick flick, can you help me out?

Oh, I Can Help You Out! This weekend’s new films are exactly what the doctor ordered. A big budget action film and a chick flick. Let’s start with the latter. The chick flick! Sorry, haven’t seen Divine Secrets of the […]

Say it ain’t so, Jodie! Say it ain’t so!

News That Saddens Dan For the time being, Jodie Foster is planning on staying behind the camera. I am not happy about this!

A List Of Sequels To See

Top 20 Hottest Upcoming Sequels From Star Wars to StarTrek, film franchise fans already are feverishly foreseeing the future. Here’s a list of the movies that inquiring sequel devotees are most curious about, according to Internet Movie Database. Sequels, in […]

Finally! A Confirmation!

Spielberg confirms ‘Indy 4’ details Never fear, Indiana Jones fans. Harrison Ford is more than up to the task of starring in a fourth film in the series, according to Steven Spielberg. Spielberg told Cinescape that despite the almost 25 […]

My lord, she’s HOT!

Here’s A Look At Elektra Step inside for a great pic of Jennifer Garner as Elektra in DAREDEVIL.

Take note ladies!

Will You Marry Me?!? Everything a Chick needs to know she can learn from Star Wars.

I still haven’t been able to see it again

Weekend Box Office “The Sum Of All Fears” tops the Weekend Box Office charts.


Kung-Fu Pandas Dreamworks has a concept for you: MASTER P, KUNG FU PANDA. The film will be total CG. In the story, a gang of snow leopards invades a bamboo jungle and the animals must find a prophesied warrior to […]

Hey Dan, so! Hey man, don’t keep me in suspense! Feed me the 411! Give me the info! Answer me, riddle me this: Are there any new films opening in theatres this weekend?!?! C’mon! Tell me!!!

Wow! That’s A Lot Of Punctuation! Ah yes, it’s a weekend where I will be walking a walk for charity, but even though I can walk the walk, no charity will be given to the 2 new films bowing at […]

Who wouldn’t?

Not A Literal Trip! Just A Figurative One. It’s day 212 on the set of “The Matrix” sequels. Wanna take a trip to see what is going on?