Has TERMINATOR 3 Shut Down?

Production on TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES may have been shut down because of out of control costs.
ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER has been forced to shut up shop on his third TERMINATOR movie for the summer as producers desperately try to control the film’s spiraling budget.
After just two months of filming, the sequel, RISE OF THE MACHINES, is busting the bank at a whopping $200 million, according to the NATIONAL ENQUIRER.
And so executives have shut down the movie while they try to find a way of reducing costs.
A source says, “The producers are afraid that if they don’t do something they’ll have another WATERWORLD on their hands.
“There are a lot of expensive scenes and special effects.”
One expensive scene, which is yet to be shot, is causing headaches for the execs because it features a car chase through central Los Angeles and involves hundreds of extras and location costs.
“Everybody was sent home while the writer, director and producers try to find a way to do the scene more cheaply.”