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Iconic ‘Decline of Western Civilization’ Films Finally Get Official Release

Hold on to your pool chairs: All three of Penelope Spheeris’ entertaining, heartbreaking and iconic Decline of Western Civilization documentaries are officially coming to Blu-ray and DVD for the first time in a deluxe box set on June 30th. Shout! Factory will release the four-disc anthology chronicling L.A.’s hardcore punk, hair-metal and gutter-punk phenomena with a 40-page book, extended interviews and a new commentary track by Dave Grohl. Each film has also been given a 2K high-definition restoration, which Spheeris supervised.

“I am so grateful to the fans of these films, and the bands that appeared in them, for their loyalty and patience,” Spheeris, whose directorial credits also include Wayne’s World and Black Sheep, said in a statement. “This is my life’s work, and I like to think that when I go to my grave, The Decline is what I’ll be remembered for.”

The original Decline of Western Civilization came out in 1980 and shined a light on Los Angeles’ nascent hardcore-punk scene, including performances and interviews with Black Flag, X, Circle Jerks, Fear and the Germs, among many others. It captured the intensity of the bands during that period – at a time when Black Flag shows were protested by police – and when it got its premiere at a midnight screening, 300 policemen arrived to quell the thousands-strong crowd.

Its follow-up film – The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years – came eight years later at the height of Los Angeles’ Sunset Strip metal scene, giving a similar treatment to the likes of glam-metal stars Poison and Faster Pussycat, as well as harder-edged artists like Megadeth and Motörhead and hard-rock veterans such as Alice Cooper, Kiss and Aerosmith. It contained memorable scenes of W.A.S.P. guitarist Chris Holmes floating in his mother’s pool while getting drunk and Ozzy Osbourne cooking bacon in a leopard-print robe.

Spheeris then returned a decade later with 1998’s The Decline of Western Civilization Part III, which focused on the tragic lives of homeless gutter punks in the city and contained performances by Naked Aggression and Final Conflict. The movie has never been available on home video. The experience of making the film prompted the director to become a foster parent.

The bonus materials for the Decline films also include interviews with Spheeris by KNAC’s Tawn Mastery and the Academy Film Archive’s Mark Toscano, never-before-seen footage, performances and interviews, the original trailers and an essay by Domenic Priore, who wrote the 2007 book Riot on Sunset Strip.



Warner celebrates Record Store Day with three new music-themed Blu-Ray releases

Warner Brothers Home Entertainment has just announced three upcoming Blu-Ray titles, scheduled to celebrate Record Store Day in April.

Cameron Crowe’s Singles is the first film on the list, asking the question, “What do you do to make romance happen in today’s hilariously mixed-up singles world?” A stellar cast joins Crowe in this sweet, funny tale of Seattle twenty-somethings searching for, and running from, love. The great “Seattle Sound” grunge/alternative music of the ‘90s provides the soundtrack, featuring musicians such as Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and two performances by Alice in Chains.

The release will come with a set of new bonus features,, including Deleted Scenes and a Gag Reel, as well as Three Full Live Performances of “Birth Ritual” by Soundgarden, “Would?” by Alice in Chains and “It Ain’t Like That” by Alice in Chains.

The next film on the list is Empire Records as Allan Moyle cranks it up another notch with his direction of this comedy about an eventful day in the lives of the young slackers, doers and dreamers who all work at the bustling Empire Records store. “This music is the glue of the world,” one of Empire’s clerks says. “It holds it all together.” With one of the most dynamic song scores ever, tunes by Gin Blossoms, the Cranberries, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Cracker, Evan Dando, Better Than Ezra and more set off virtually every scene.

The special features for this release will be carried over from the previous DVD release.

And then, there is Detroit Rock City as the third title in the list. The year is 1978: bell-bottoms, Day-Glo, lava lamps, and rock and roll define the generation. What’s a high-school rock band from Cleveland got on its mind? Getting out and hitting the city: Detroit Rock City! Join Hawk (Edward Furlong) and his three best friends as they head out to pay their respects to the kings of rock, KISS. Part road trip, part coming-of-age comedy, part crazy ride through the ’70s, this movie rocks and rolls all the way through.

The bonus features for this release will also be culled from the previously released DVD version of the movie.

All three films will be in stores on April 7 for $19.98, each.


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Indiana Jones Swings Onto Blu-Ray This September

Boy, the folks at Lucasfilm and Paramount sure know how to stretch out an announcement, don’t they? Way back in February we heard the news that all four Indiana Jones movies would be coming to Blu-ray “this fall” (Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is the only one to have already received a Blu-ray release). Then we saw an actual trailer for the collection, but still without a firm release date, which was really just rubbing salt in the wound. Now, several months later, we finally have more information: Indiana Jones: The Complete Collection will hit shelves on Tuesday, September 18th.

The set will include all four Indy flicks: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom, Last Crusade, and the one we all tried to forget about, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Finally getting the films on Blu-ray would be exciting enough, but they’ve also been meticulously cleaned up by Steven Spielberg and sound designer Ben Burtt. According to the press release, “the original negative was first scanned at 4K and then examined frame-by-frame so that any damage could be repaired.” For the sound restoration, they went back to Burtt’s original master mix:

New stereo surrounds were created using the original music tracks and original effects recorded in stereo but used previously only in mono. In addition, the sub bass was redone entirely up to modern specifications and care was taken to improve dialogue and correct small technical flaws to create the most complete and highest quality version of the sound possible while retaining the director’s vision.

Finally, the films will be accompanied by a stellar array of bonus features which we will outli–what’s that? We still don’t have details about the bonus features? See what I mean about doling stuff out slowly? They’re just toying with us now! Alas, all we know is that the set will include “a collection of documentaries, interviews, featurettes and new bonus features.” Does it even matter? We’re all going to buy it anyway!!



The Beatles’ ‘Yellow Submarine’ Gets Digital Makeover

“Yellow Submarine,” the Beatles’ 1968 animated feature film, will hit shelves again on May 28, digitally restored for DVD and Blu-ray release.

The DVD/Blu-ray combo will feature bonus material including a making-of documentary, the original theatrical trailer, audio commentary, interviews, behind-the-scenes photos and more. Each edition comes packaged with reproductions of animation cels from the film, collectible stickers and a 16-page essay by Walt Disney/Pixar Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter.

The “Yellow Submarine” soundtrack album — featuring songs like “All Together Now” and “All You Need Is Love” — will also be rereleased on CD alongside the film.

Based around Beatles songs and pop art style, the late-’60s film used live-action photography and animation, in a process that took nearly two years, 40 animators and 140 technical artists to create.

On April 24, the “Yellow Submarine” picture book, which combines the film script with original artwork from the movie, will be released by Candlewick Press in hardcover and digital editions.


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LAS VEGAS, NV (Jan. 10, 2012) – In celebration of James Bond’s monumental golden anniversary, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment today unveiled BOND 50, a collectible box-set featuring all 22 James Bond films on Blu-ray Disc for the first time in one complete offering. The longest running film franchise of all time, the Bond 50 collection marks the debut of nine James Bond films previously unavailable in high definition Blu-ray. Fans around the world can pre-order now with participating online retailers.

Acclaimed Bond directors John Glen (five Bond films including For Your Eyes Only, Octopussy, A View to a Kill, The Living Daylights & Licence To Kill), Martin Campbell (GoldenEye, Casino Royale) and Michael Apted (The World Is Not Enough) with special guests Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace) and Caterina Murino (Casino Royale) made the Blu-ray announcement today during a Directors’ Panel discussion in the Panasonic Booth at the annual Consumer Electronics Show.

BOND 50 showcases fifty years of Bond neatly packaged into one cool, sleek collectable box-set featuring all six iconic James Bond actors. Produced using the highest possible picture quality and audio presentation, the collection includes all 22 James Bond feature films from Dr. No to Quantum of Solace and more than 130 hours of bonus features including some new and exclusive content.

“With all 22 feature films available on Blu-ray in one collection for the first time this is a great way for fans to catch up on 007’s epic journey before Skyfall hits theatres next Fall,” said Michael Brown, Senior Vice President, MGM Home Entertainment. “Now viewers can enjoy the intense action of the innovative franchise in the most immersive home experience possible.”


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MGM to release a list of catalog titles to Blu-Ray

MGM Home Entertainment has added a series of titles from their catalog for release in high definition.

The list of releases, containing films from versions decades of the studio’s library, will offer Blu-Ray Disc versions at a very attractive price, though mostly devoid of bonus materials.

Among the films to make their debut are the James Bond parody, Casino Royale along with films such as A Fish Called Wanda, It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World and Throw Momma From The Train. In addition, the studio re-promotes Get shorty at a new, low price point also.

Acute observers among you have, of course, noticed that all of these films to be released are comedies.

All of these Blu-Ray movies will appear on store shelves on January 7 with a $19.99 sticker price.


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Unforgiven receives special treatment

Warner Home Video has just announced a 20th Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray Book of Clint Eastwood’s Western masterpiece Unforgiven.

“Unforgiven” is a modern classic that “summarizes everything I feel about the Western,” said Eastwood. In this American Film Institute Top-100 American Movies selection, Eastwood and Morgan Freeman play retired outlaws who pick up their guns one last time to collect a bounty offered by the vengeful prostitutes of the remote Wyoming town of Big Whiskey. Richard Harris is an ill-fated killer-for-hire; Hackman is the sly and brutal local sheriff whose brand of law enforcement ranges from unconventional to ruthless.

The Blu-ray Book contains 54 pages of behind-the-scenes filmmaking insight, rare Eastwood observations, photos, trivia and more. In addition you will find a Commentary Track by Eastwood-biographer Richard Schickel on the disc, along with a series of Featurettes.

Among those will be All on Accounta Pullin’ a Trigger, featuring interviews with Morgan Freeman and others, Eastwood … A Star, Eastwood & Co.: Making Unforgiven and Eastwood on Eastwood, a career retrospective from Richard Schickel.

Also included is the Maverick TV series episode “Duel at Sundown” (1959), in which Eastwood plays a virtual younger incarnation of his Unforgiven role. The release will be rounded out by the movie’s Theatrical Trailer.

The new version of “Unforgiven” will be in stores on February 21 for $34.99.


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Beginners make a splash this fall

Universal Home Entertainment has added Beginners to their schedule, lining up the film for release on DVD and Blu-Ray Disc in November.

Golden Globe® nominee Ewan McGregor, Academy Award® nominee Christopher Plummer, and Mélanie Laurent star in “Beginners,” an uplifting comedy about how funny and transformative life can be. When graphic designer Oliver (McGregor) meets free-spirited Anna (Laurent) shortly after his father (Plummer) has passed away, Oliver realizes just how much of a beginner he is when it comes to long-lasting romantic love. Memories of his father, who, following the death of his wife of 45 years, came out of the closet at age 75 to live a full, energized, and wonderfully tumultuous gay life, encourage Oliver to open himself up to the potential of a true relationship. Inspired by writer/director Mike Mills’ own father, it’s an original love story that critics cheer is “smart, poignant and often hilarious!” (Karen Durbin, Elle).
The DVD version will feature an anamorphic transfer of the film with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio.

No bonus materials have been announced.

On Blu-Ray Disc will get to experience the movie in 1080p high definition with a DTS 5.1 HD Master Audio track, but unfortunately, no bonus materials have been announced for that version either.

“Beginners” arrives in stores on November 15 for $29.98 on DVD and $34.98 on Blu-Ray Disc.


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John Landis Classics Go Blu-ray With Belushi For The First Time
Two of John Landisí classic comedies are headed to Blu-Ray for the first time. National Lampoonís Animal House and The Blues Brothers, both starring the late, great John Belushi, will hit stores on July 26, 2011. Originally appearing in 1978 and 1980 respectively, the hit films will run viewers $26.98 apiece.
While this cost seems a little much for a re-release weíve all likely bought on several occasions, Universal Studios Home Entertainment is going all-out for the Blu-Ray versions, creating interactive elements to accompany the films, as well as some special features. The extras with National Lampoonís Animal House are especially interactive and will include picture-within-a-picture cast and crew interview footage available during key film scenes, a ìMusic of Animal Houseî playlist creator, and a Scene It? game with Animal House trivia. More traditional extras will be comprised of an original documentary, a mock-u-mentary, and the theatrical trailer.
The special features with The Blues Brothers will be slightly less wild. Two versions of the film are the highlightóthe original theatrical edition and the extended version with an additional fifteen minutes of film. There will also be behind-the-scenes ìStoriesî featurettes with John Landis, Dan Akroyd and the Blues Brothers band. Furthermore, audiences will get a highlight reel of the many Blues Brothers spin-offs and pop culture references, as well as the original theatrical trailer. Finally, there will be a supplementary segment called ìRemembering John.î Belushi died in 1982, just two years after The Blues Brothers was filmed. The segment will feature cast, family, and friends sharing their best memories of the man.


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Brazil is headed to Blu-Ray
Terry Gilliamís incredible movie Brazil is coming to Blu-Ray Disc in July, courtesy of Universal Home Entertainment .
Jonathan Pryce (Pirates of the Caribbean), Robert De Niro (The Godfather) and Michael Palin (Monty Python and the Holy Grail) star in this landmark cult classic that dazzles and thrills with its Academy AwardÆ nominated, groundbreaking art direction and sharply satirical original screenplay. In a future world, a government clerk finds his life destroyed when he tries to correct an administrative error that caused a massive chain reaction of mistaken identity.
Despite his efforts, he finds himself an enemy of the state. Hailed as a modern masterpiece, visionary director Terry Gilliamís (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) pitch-black comedy takes a highly imaginative and chilling look at a ìperfectî future where technology reigns supreme and bureaucracy overrules love for the sake of efficiency.
Featuring a 1080p high definition transfer with DTS 5.1 HD Master Audio track, the disc will also contain BD-Live features, as well as Universalís Pocket BLU App and My Scenes.
ìBrazilî will arrive in stores around the country on July 12 for $26.98.