Well Done Jim!

Canadian Jim Carrey donates $1 million to attack victims.

Mariah Returns

Mariah Carey returns for Friday’s TV benefit.

Another Film Delayed

“Bad Company,” starring Anthony Hopkins and Chris Rock, is the latest film delayed due to the ongoing events in America.

2001 Redux

2001 will return to theatres this year in a 70mm version.

Oscar May Be A Security Grouch

The security of The Academy Awards is in question.

30 Is Next!

Hey, today is my sister’s birthday. She’s 29, so Happy Birthday Tammy! I love you and hope you have a great day!!

Let’s Take A Moment Here

Remembering Mr. Dressup.

Britney Gives

Britney Spears plans donation to victims.

Wasn’t This a WKRP Episode?

Imagine if the following songs were considered inappropriate…

RnR HoF nEwS

Tom Petty and The Ramones are just two of the latest nominees for The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.