What’s The Deal With That?!

Jerry Seinfeld and friends announce WTC benefit.

No not “Give me a sub, dude”!

Emmy Awards get subdued look after attacks.

Survivor III

New “Survivor” series to be hungrier and stinkier. Yes, sure, okay, but will any of them have the eye of the tiger?!??

New Releases

Here are the new DVD and video releases for Tuesday, September 25th, 2001 THE SIMPSONS: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON (DVD)-The Season One SIMPSONS DVD box set is simply amazing, with extras like episode scripts, outtakes, audio commentary, animatics, and more. […]

New Kevin Smith DVD Due

KEVIN SMITH APPEARANCES TO BE COLLECTED ON DVD JM Kenny, who worked on the MALLRATS and DOGMA DVDs, will be taping a series of upcoming college appearances from filmmaker Kevin Smith for release on DVD. Anyone whose ever had a […]

New Trek Debuts Wednesday!

STAR TREK PREQUEL SERIES ‘ENTERPRISE’ ON WEDNESDAY UPN revitalizes the STAR TREK franchise this week with the two-hour premiere of ENTERPRISE. Airing Wednesday night at 8, the pilot introduces Scott Bakula (Quantum Leap) as Captain Jonathan Archer of the Enterprise […]

New Releases

Here are the new CD releases for Tuesday, September 25th, 2001 TENACIOUS D (Epic)Want to know more about “The D”? SUZANNE VEGA Songs in Red and Gray (A&M)SPIRITUALIZED Let It Come Down (Arista)THE INNOCENSE MISSION Small Planes (W.A.R.?)ERIK SERMON The […]

Telethon To Be A CD Soon

The “America: A Tribute To Heroes” telethon will soon spawn a benefit CD.

Survivor 4 Details

Survivor 4 moves from Jordan to Tahiti.

DVD’s Rock!

Sales of DVD players continue to double.