Are Movies Trivial?

To some stars, including Drew Barrymore and Johnny Depp, movies are seemingly trivial right now. But what if the movie doesn’t suck…

Geri Spice Gives It Up

Geri Spice gives British troops in Oman a welcome break prior to the Afghanistan attacks. Now how about me Geri?!??!

Pink Floyd Songs Unplugged

Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour to play some London solo dates.

No More Photo Ops

Despite their good intentions Entertainment Stars are all banned from Ground Zero.

Weekend Box Office

Denzel Washington’s mediocre move “Training Day” tops weekend box office.

Emmy Still Waiting

The 53rd Annual Emmy Awards are postponed once again.

Matrix News

Another star of “The Matrix” is mourned this weekend.

Geri Spice Does Charity Work (But Not Me)

The stage is set for Geri Halliwell’s Oman show.

J, K and now L

Jamiroquai singer Jay Kay now adds an “L”, for Law, as he faces assault charges.

He’s Got The Biggest

An Argentine Beatles fan loves the band “Eight Days A Week.”