Whether it made more money or not, AQUAMAN is nowhere near as entertaining as WONDER WOMAN. It’s not even close!!

Aquaman overtakes Wonder Woman at global box office

Aquaman just swam past another superhero box office milestone.

As of Wednesday, the film has overtaken 2017’s smash Wonder Woman in global ticket sales, putting Warner Bros.’ Dec. 21 release in second place among all DC Extended Universe titles.

Aquaman now has $822.9 million in international sales, edging past Wonder Woman’s cume of $821.8 million.

The King of Atlantis has been helped enormously by overseas interest, with international sales responsible for 75 percent of the film’s revenue — a significantly greater percentage than the other DCU titles (China leads the way, where Aquaman has grossed a whopping $275 million to become the country’s second-biggest superhero film of all time behind Avengers: Infinity War). If you look at domestic ticket sales, however, Aquaman is still running well behind Wonder Woman, $189 million to $330 million. Wonder Woman also remains the best reviewed of the DCEU titles (ranked 93 percent fresh to Aquaman‘s 64 percent — though the ultra-fantastical still rates higher than all other DECU titles).

Aquaman is also on track to easily become the DCEU’s top global title, with only 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ($873.6 million) yet to surpass — and that should happen by the end of the week. The James Wan film already shot past 2017’s Justice League ($657 million) during its first week of U.S. release, then surpassed 2013’s Man of Steel ($668 million) and 2016’s Suicide Squad ($746 million).

Next up for the DCEU is Shazam!, which comes out April 5.