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Alessia Cara to perform at 2018 Grey Cup halftime

How do you follow Shania Twain?

That was the challenge for Christina Litz, the CFL’s marketing director, who was charged with finding the halftime show for the 106th Grey Cup game in Edmonton.

Twain was the featured performer not only at last years Grey Cup halftime show but also at the last Grey Cup in Edmonton in 2010.

“I think Alessia Cara is actually the perfect follow to Shania,” said Litz of her selection announced at halftime of Saturday’s Edmonton Eskimos game against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

“This year she presented Shania with her lifetime achievement award at the Canadian Country Music Awards in Hamilton. We thought that was perfect. We had a legend like Shania and then this up-and-coming legend that is going to be around for decades to follow her in her footsteps,” she said of the young star coming off a run of six multi-platinum hits with the release of ‘Growing Pains.’

“Right now in all of airplay, no matter American or Canadian, she has the No. 3 song ahead of all of the biggies and this year, she became the first Canadian ever to win Best New Artist at the Grammys. We don’t need that kind of validation from Americans to know how good our Canadians are but it just speaks to her being a world class talent.”

Speaking to fans via video on the scoreboard and to the national TV audience in the halftime announcement, Cara said she couldn’t wait to ‘Bring The Heat’ to Edmonton.

“Performing at the Grey Cup as a Canadian is such an honour. I’m excited to be part of the halftime show and freeze my finger tips off with you guys.”

Quote-unquote Shania Twain on Cara: “I’m a huge fan of yours. I’m inspired by you, so much. I really am. You’re amazing.”