Hurry up, December 15th!!!!

Bruce Springsteen’s Broadway show is coming to Netflix

Bruce Springsteen is no stage actor, but he still managed to win a special Tony Award this year thanks to his Broadway show. Part autobiography, part concert, Springsteen on Broadway has seen the rock legend perform the same solo acoustic setlist (complete with anecdotal life stories) at Broadway’s Walter Kerr Theatre since last October. Soon, you won’t need a ticket to see it for yourself. A recorded version of Springsteen on Broadway will be coming to Netflix this December, it was announced Wednesday.

“Nothing about Springsteen on Broadway feels like an easy cash-grab, or even simply a rock star looking for a kinder schedule that doesn’t involve trekking from city to city day after day,” Madison Vain wrote in EW’s A- review of the show. “Instead, with its mix of live music and stories and readings adapted from his 2016 autobiography Born to Run, Springsteen on Broadway lets one of popular music’s most beloved icons flex all kinds of creative muscle in a rare, intimate setting that showcases the true breadth of talents.”

The filmed version of Springsteen on Broadway is directed by Emmy winner Thom Zimny, and produced by the same team that produced the theater show, including Springsteen manager Jon Landau, Springsteen tour director George Travis, and Landau Management partner Barbara Carr.

Though the show was originally set for only an eight-week run, its acclaim and success got it renewed three times. It will end for good on Dec. 15, the same night that it will become available to Netflix viewers worldwide.