Take care, Ms. Nichols.

‘Star Trek’ star Nichelle Nichols suffering from dementia

Nichelle Nichols, best known for her role as Lt. Nyota Uhura on the original Star Trek series, reportedly has dementia.

According to reports, the 85-year-old actress is suffering memory loss and needs to be taken care of according to her son. She has been confined to a wheelchair in recent times.

Kyle Johnson filed papers in court nominating four fiduciaries to become his mom’s conservators.

This would legally give them control of her finances and decisions related to her health.

According to Johnson, this is necessary because her dementia is “impacting her executive functioning” and makes her “susceptible to undue influence.”

He added: “Certain individuals have unduly exerted themselves into Ms. Nichols’ life ‘to her detriment.’”

Aside from her classic Star Trek role, the actress has been very busy with three projects coming out this year.

Her health took a setback when she suffered a stroke back in 2015.