Beastie Boys


KRS-One Accidentally Pays Tribute to Living Beastie Boy on Song About Dead Rappers

Here’s proof that hip-hop’s biggest stars could also benefit from using a fact checker every once in a while — the legendary rapper KRS-One accidentally paid tribute to the wrong Beastie Boy on a new song dedicated to dead rappers.

As XXL reports, KRS-One just released a new album called The World Is Mind, and the release includes a track called “Hip Hop Speaks from Heaven,” dedicated to fallen rappers.

Unfortunately, in the writing process KRS-One shouted out the wrong Adam from the legendary hip-hop trio. Adam “MCA” Yauch passed away in 2012, while Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz is still very much alive.

While many have surely mistaken their nicknames in the past, KRS-One made his flub in song. On “Hip Hop Speaks from Heaven,” he says, “Like a late fog in the mist / I see King Ad-Rock and rest in peace Nate Dogg / Their names and their natures will last, like Chris Lighty and my man Bill Blass / When it comes to hip-hop, here’s the lesson / Start praising your own people, hip-hop speaks from heaven.”