Occasionally I find them useful, but mostly it’s trolls.

IMDb Is Getting Rid of Its (Awful) Discussion Boards

If you’re a repulsive internet troll who enjoys debating the attractiveness of celebrities way out of your league, we’ve got some bad news. In the name of taste and decency, IMDb has decided to delete its discussion boards.

As Variety reports, the industry-leading film site has opted to ditch its boards after determining that they’re “no longer providing a positive, useful experience.”

The company released a statement about the decision, saying, “As part of our ongoing effort to continually evaluate and enhance the customer experience on IMDb, we have decided to disable IMDb’s message boards on February 20, 2017. We regret any disappointment or frustration IMDb message board users may experience as a result of this decision.”

Of course, anyone who has viewed the IMDb message boards knows that they were often safe-havens for repugnant comments that were misogynistic, racist and generally distasteful. This is certainly a move in the right direction.

IMDb also said they plan to introduce new features this year, though they haven’t shared any details just yet.