The new record is their best in years, but that’s not saying much. Long time fans will love it!!

Ronnie Wood wants to keep The Rolling Stones to keep rocking until they drop

Ronnie Wood hopes The Rolling Stones will keep playing gigs until they die.

The veteran rockers released their first album in a decade on Friday, and guitarist Wood, 69, believes the band can keep going despite their advancing years.

In fact, Ronnie hopes that group members Mick Jagger, 73, Keith Richards, 72, and Charlie Watts, 75, can emulate their hero, blues legend Howlin’ Wolf, and rock until they drop.

“Howlin’ Wolf almost died on stage, plugged into his kidney machine, so there’s no reason why we wouldn’t go exactly the same way,” Wood told The Guardian.

The musician has more to live for than just music, as in May his wife Sally Humphreys, 38, gave birth to twins.

He also hopes to follow in the footsteps of another one of his idols, John Lee Hooker, who died in 2001, by living life to the full right to the end.

“I saw John Lee Hooker not long before he died and he was showing me backstage,” Wood added. “Showing off his new CD and his new white hat and his new girlfriend – he was rocking right to the end.”

Although the rock veterans are past the age where they can draw a pension, they show no signs of slowing down having toured Latin America earlier this year.

Their new album, Blue & Lonesome also sees them return to their youth, as it consists of cover versions of the blues tunes they played together as young musicians.