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Box office report: X-Men: Apocalypse scores huge $103.3 million worldwide debut

Captain America: Civil War might have dropped a few notches on the domestic box office chart to make way for The Angry Birds Movie, but fellow superhero film X-Men: Apocalypse is picking up the slack, grossing an estimated $103.3 million from 75 markets across its global debut.

Opening at No. 1 in 71 of those countries, X-Men: Apocalypse earned its huge worldwide total from 20,596 screens. According to Box Office Mojo, the film gave Fox its highest opening weekend ever in six territories, including the Philippines ($4.9 million), India ($3.5 million), Indonesia ($3.1 million), Singapore ($3 million), Thailand ($2.7 million), and Colombia ($1.9 million). It earned the most from its U.K. screenings, which pulled in an estimated $10.5 million, followed by grosses from Mexico ($8.6 million), Brazil ($6.6 million), Russia ($6.5 million), and France ($5.9 million).

Ahead of X-Men: Apocalypse hitting North American theaters on May 27, the film will open in South Korea on May 25. It will then move on to China (June 3) and Japan (Aug. 11) after that.