Here’s your GoT Update!!

Kit Harington admits he’s in Game of Thrones season 6 (but still dead)

One Game of Thrones mystery has been solved ahead of season 6. Kind of.

The fate of Kit Harington’s Jon Snow has remained one of the biggest questions about what lies ahead in the HBO drama’s sixth season, and speaking with Time Out London, the star indicated he most definitely returns. But he’s coming back dead.

“I filmed some scenes of me being dead,” Harington said about the new season after previously denying a role in season 6.

“Look, I’m not in the show anymore. I’m definitely not in the new series,” he said before revealing he returns as his deceased character.

So Harington definitely returns for the new season, which is being heavily kept under wraps to the point that critics will not be receiving any advance episodes. And though Harington says he doesn’t “have a clue” about what happens in the new season or for how long he appears in the series as a corpse, his latest words are likely to do little to keep speculation at bay. Fans and critics alike will have to wait to find out exactly what happens when Game of Thrones returns April 24 to HBO. Though they can at least rest assured they’ll see more of Harington lying motionless for at least a few frames more.