Yet another reason why Dave Grohl rocks!!

Dave Grohl performed a Foo Fighters show on a custom, light-up throne

It takes a lot to keep Dave Grohl offstage. When he broke his leg last month at a show in Sweden, he finished his set before heading to the hospital. And now, even with a broken leg and an enormous purple cast, he still performed on July 4 in Washington, D.C. to kick off the Foo Fighters’ North American summer tour. He just had to do the entire show while sitting — in a custom-made, light up throne.

Grohl took some time in the middle of the show to tell the story of how he broke his leg, complete with video of the incident, hospital selfies, and X-rays of his shattered leg. He told the crowd he wanted to miss as few shows as possible, so while he was still in the hospital (and full of pain medication), he drew up a sketch of a custom throne that would still allow him to perform, complete with “lasers and shit shooting from the top” and guitar necks for arms.