As long as it doesn’t suck as bad as his last few movies, I’m all for it!!

Kevin Smith Confirms ‘Mallrats’ Sequel in the Works

Twenty years after Kevin Smith released his now-cult comedy Mallrats, the director has confirmed that he is currently working on the sequel’s script. “Lately I’ve been doing this thing where I’m like, ‘Do you want to do what’s good for your career, or do you just want to have fun?’ ” Smith said. “Nobody’s clamoring for a Mallrats sequel, but I would love to make one. It’s been like 20 years.”

Smith already targets May 2016 as the start date for Mallrats 2. “It’s half a script right now, and we’re pulling our loot together,” Smith told Tuscon’s KFMA (via The Hollywood Reporter). “I had a cool idea and a bunch of investors that were like, ‘Do it,’ so here we are.”

Smith did not share any other information about the film or whether the 1995 comedy’s cast and characters – Jason Lee’s stinkpalm-giving Brodie, Jeremy London’s T.S., Ben Affleck’s antagonistic Shannon and, of course, Jay and Silent Bob – would also return to loiter around the mall two decades later.

Although the Mallrats sequel is already half-written, it’ll need to get in the long queue of other Smith’s in-development projects. The director will film Clerks III this May, then his long-gestating hockey movie Hit Somebody is scheduled to go into production from September to Christmas Day.

In February 2016, Smith hopes to begin work on Moose Jaws, a horror film he once described as “Jaws with a moose,” which will be followed by Anti-Claus, Smith wrote on his Facebook page. But after that? “I smell a rat,” Smith said, referring to Mallrats 2.