South Park


Who Killed South Park?! Matt Stone & Trey Parker Miss Wednesday Deadline for the First Time

What bastards killed tonight’s new episode of South Park?!


Though Matt Stone and Trey Parker seemed destined to miss a deadline one of these days thanks to their one-episode-per-week work load that they have admitted hews more to the right-before-Wednesday portion of the week, it turns out that a power outage was the culprit behind the scheduling hiccup.

“On Tuesday night, South Park Studios lost power,” Comedy Central said in a statement. “From animation to rendering to editing and sound, all of their computers were down for hours and they were unable to finish episode 1704, ‘Goth Kids 3: Dawn Of The Posers’ in time for air tonight.”

To make up for what possibly could’ve been avoided if they weren’t such usually proficient procrastinators, the South Park powers that be live-tweeted tonight’s repeat of the episode “Scott Tenorman Must Die” and offered up all sorts of fun-fact trivia and pics of the crew looking all bummed out in the darkened studio.

“It sucks to miss an air date but after all these years of tempting fate by delivering the show last minute, I guess it was bound to happen,” Parker admitted in a statement after delivering 240 other episodes on time.

Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers will air Oct. 23 instead. Who wants to bet that Matt and Trey are going to use that extra week to get a head start on their next new episode?!

Neither do we.