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‘Doctor Who’: Karen Gillan confirms no 50th anniversary return for Amy Pond

Whovians that were excited at the possibility of another companion’s return for “Doctor Who’s” 50th anniversary special, cool your jets. Amy Pond will not be making an appearance, that that’s coming from Karen Gillan herself.

While speaking with the Radio Times, Gillan confirms, “I’m not in it, just to put that out there.” When Gillan left the series, her character was sent back in time along with her husband (Arthur Darvill) by a Weeping Angel, to a place where the Doctor’s TARDIS cannot go.

Of course, Gillan is still excited about the special, that will see the return of David Tennant and Billie Piper, as the tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler, respectively. Not only is she planning to watch it, but Karen makes it sound like there could be a party happening. “I think I’m going to be in America, so I’ll probably round up all the people who like to watch ‘Doctor Who’ in the area,” she says. “We’ll probably watch it and drink PG Tips and eat Jammy Dodgers, if I can get them.”

Sounds like a pretty good time if you can get yourself an invite to her “Doctor Who” viewing party.