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Krist Novoselic to play bass on new Modest Mouse album

Former Nirvana bass player Krist Novoselic is set to feature on the forthcoming new album from Modest Mouse.

Speaking to Spotify – via Pitchfork – Novoselic revealed that his contribution is “pretty edgy”. He said: “I did a song with Modest Mouse earlier this year for their new record. It’s pretty edgy. I’ve got my big Gibson bass and a Rat distortion pedal busting out a… this bass riff.”

Modest Mouse cancelled their summer European tour in order to work on the follow-up to their last album, 2009’s ‘No One’s First and You’re Next’.

Meanwhile, Novoselic recently revealed that he would be interested in performing Nirvana songs live. Speaking to Australian radio station Triple J, he was asked if he would be keen on visiting the country for the first time in 20 years to perform some of the band’s tracks. He replied: “That’s the best plan I’ve heard all year. It has to happen.”

Novoselic also revealed that he had originally been hoping to play live in the country with former bandmate Dave Grohl’s Sound City Players project, adding: “I was gonna come over with Dave [Grohl] to do the Sound City thing but that hasn’t happened yet. I wanna get there, man. When there’s a continental drift, I’ll be there.”

Over the past year, former Nirvana members Novoselic, Grohl and guitarist Pat Smear have played a number of shows with Beatles legend Paul McCartney. The foursome performed a gig in Seattle, the city whose grunge scene Nirvana became an integral part of, in July of this year but elected to play a smattering of Beatles tracks rather than any songs originally performed by Kurt Cobain and co.