Chloe rocks!!!

‘The Mindy Project’ casts Chloe Sevigny as the woman who broke Danny’s heart

We’re finally going to meet Danny Castellano’s ex-wife on “The Mindy Project,” and Chloe Sevigny sounds like a perfect casting choice for the role.

Sevigny is set to appear in the final three “Mindy” episodes of Season 1 as Christina, the war photographer ex-wife of Danny (Chris Messina) who broke his heart with her extramarital affairs. According to E!, Christina will return because of the letter Danny wrote her about their relationship but never intended to mail. A concerned Morgan (Ike Barinholtz) secretly mailed it for him in the episode “Bunk Bed.”

We’re guessing Danny won’t be thrilled when he finds out that happened, but it’s obvious from his pizza joint conversation with Mindy at the end of “Harry & Mindy” that Danny still has serious feelings for Christina. It’ll be fascinating to see what her return sparks in Danny, and we can’t wait to see Sevigny playing off Messina, whose performance has been one of the consistent highlights of “Mindy’s” first season.

Sevigny won a Golden Globe for her role on “Big Love” and has since recurred on “American Horror Story: Asylum” and starred in the single season DirecTV drama “Hit & Miss.” She’s currently attached to A&E’s pilot “Those Who Kill.”