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‘Storage Wars’ lawsuit: David Hester claims A&E show is rigged

A new “Storage Wars” lawsuit has been revealed that claims that the A&E series is actually rigged. David Hester, a former star of the show, has filed a suit alleging that he was fired from the series after he complained to producers about the fact that items are planted inside the storage units that are bid on.

In instances explained via TMZ, Hester writes in his lawsuit that producers hid a BMW mini under “a pile of trash” and planted old newspapers announcing the death of Elvis. He also alleges that the series gave unattractive cast members money to have plastic surgery that will “create more sex appeal.”

This isn’t the first time Hester has been involved in a lawsuit in recent years. In 2011, he filed a suit after Trey Songz sent him a cease and desist letter claiming Hester needed to stop using the phrase “YUUUP!” Songz claimed “yuuup” had been his “signature sound” since 2009, though Hester argued in his lawsuit that the two sounds are different. Hester trademarked “YUUUP!” in September 2011.