Star Trek

It is a great little town!!

Vulcan, Alberta, looks to attract the next generation

For roughly 25 years, Vulcan has been clinging to its bond with Star Trek as being the home of Spock — relying on it to bring people to the southern Alberta town.

But town Coun. Judy Sanderson says it’s no longer enough.

“It’s stagnant, hate to say that, like every other small Prairie town, not moving ahead,” Sanderson explained. “[The town] needs something to kick forward.”

That kick is a rebranding plan that will build on the Star Trek theme.

The goal is to make Vulcan the most technologically-advanced rural town in Canada.

“Star Trek is what brings the people here — technology will hopefully be what brings people to stay,” explained Leslie Warren, with the Vulcan Business Development Society.

The town plans to make several improvements, including sprucing up its tourist centre, revitalizing downtown and building a state-of-the-art convention centre.

Business owner Sandra Locken says the idea is taking off.

“We are appreciative to Star Trek brand and what it’s done.… Move it forward, create industry and business keep our young people in town engaged,” Locken says.

The town is currently looking for private investors that are interested in taking Vulcan to the next generation.