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Keith Richards Hints at More Rolling Stones Shows in 2013

Keith Richards hinted at more Rolling Stones shows to come in a chat with the BBC’s Matt Everitt as the band continues to celebrate their 50th anniversary.

“You know I wouldn’t be surprised,” said Richards, when asked if the Stones would be playing more than just the four shows announced yesterday. “Nobody’s actually given a heads up on that, but I don’t think that this band is gonna wind up all of this for four shows. I think they want to do something for the end of the year, and I think next year probably looks like it’s on.”

The band is currently set to take the stage at Lodnon’s O2 Arena on November 25th and 29th, while on December 13th and 15th they’ll hop across the pond to play Newark’s Prudential Center.

Shows next year would be even more apt, as Richards points out that the Stones consider next year the group’s real 50th birthday because 1963 marks the year Charlie Watts joined the group. “This year to us is a conception,” joked Richards, “next year is the birth, but everybody around the world has decided a conception’s worth a celebration.”

When asked about the possibility of the band playing England’s famed Glastonbury festival, Richards quipped with a laugh, “On a good day if the weather’s fine, that’s an interesting proposition.” He added, “I think the band wants to get these four gigs under their belt and think about next year after that. But anything’s possible with this band, you know.”