She is welcome back with open arms!!!

Heather Graham To Return In The Hangover Part III

Heather Graham, who played the stripper.hooker Jade in Todd Phillips’ The Hangover, will be coming back for the second sequel. While she received positive marks from critics and audiences for the part, she was replaced as Ed Helms’ love interest for The Hangover Part II by Jamie Chung. For the third film Phillips will be back as director, producer and co-writer, working on the script with Craig Mazin.

It was previously reported that for The Hangover Part III Phil, Alan, and Stu (Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Helms) will be starting in Los Angeles, traveling back to Las Vegas, and then going down to Tijuana, Mexico. The trip back to Vegas could explain how Jade will reconnect with the Wolf Pack.

It was recently announced that Mike Epps will return to the franchise as well, reprising his role as Black Doug, and Mike Tyson and Ken Jeong will play parts as well. Variety, which reported the Graham casting, says that the plan is to sprinkle the film with multiple celebrity cameos. Trying to get a cameo had mixed results when Phillips was making The Hangover Part II. While the movie was originally going to feature Mel Gibson, he was eventually let go from the project and replaced by Liam Neeson. When Neeson wasn’t available for reshoots he was eventually replaced with Nick Cassavetes.

The Hangover Part III will in theaters on May 24, 2013. Given the release date, the film will likely have to start production in the next couple months.