James Bond

I’m not upset…I just don’t like it.

Daniel Craig defends James Bond’s Heineken drinking but calls product placements ‘unfortunate’

Fans of James Bond were shaken and stirred when it was revealed that the super spy would swig a Heineken instead of his normal martini in the upcoming film “Skyfall.” Now Daniel Craig is coming to the defense of the move while explaining product placements are an “unfortunate” reality.

“We have relationships with a number of companies so that we can make this movie,” he tells the Huffington Post. “The simple fact is that, without them, we couldn’t do it. It’s unfortunate but that’s how it is.”

Craig adds that the Sam Mendes-directed film, is a costly venture, but the inclusion of the beer sponsor won’t dictate the story.

“There’s a big furor about it, but it’s not what the movie’s about, I promise you,” Craig says. “We haven’t sold out completely.”

In fact, Craig goes on to say that he’s a big fan of Heineken. This should come as no surprise considering the millions they’re putting into the movie and into an ad campaign featuring Craig.

“It’s my favorite choice of beer. I drink it every morning – doesn’t everybody?” he jokes.