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Alexander becomes ‘Soup Nazi’ spokesman

LOS ANGELES — Seinfeld star Jason Alexander will finally get as much soup as he wants: He’s the new spokesman for SoupMan Al Yeganeh, the man whose restaurant inspired the classic “Soup Nazi” character on “Seinfeld.”

Alexander joins athletes Reggie Jackson and Shaquille O’Neal as a “brand champion” for SoupMan, Inc., the company that sells soups made with Yeganeh’s recipes. The SoupMan vittles are currently sold in SoupMan restaurants, supermarkets and online.

Alexander will specifically work to build SoupMan’s supermarket business, its franchised restaurants and its food service business, which supplies soup to restaurants and schools.

“I think it’s great coming full circle with Al’s soups,” Alexander said in a statement. “I lined up with New Yorkers for years for his amazing creations. Then we had one of the greatest episodes of ’Seinfeld’ ever, somewhat at his expense. But now I get to make amends by helping bring his recipes to everyone … Finally, I get to say ’Soup for you! Soup for everyone!’”

Yeganeh’s original soup shop, Soup Kitchen International, is still operating on 55th Street in Manhattan. And yes, they still serve lobster bisque.