Can’t wait to see it!!

Short looks back in ‘Goes Home’

The question of nature versus nurture in Hamilton, Ont., is explored comically with I, Martin Short, Goes Home.

As Short asks, “The question I guess we pose is, would Mozart still be Mozart had he been raised in Winnipeg?”

I, Martin Short, Goes Home, which airs Tuesday, April 3 on CBC, is a one-hour “mockumentary” that sees the famous SCTV alumnus making a pilgrimage back to Hamilton. Nominally, it’s a bookend piece to his 1989 HBO special, I, Martin Short, Goes Hollywood.

A fictionalized version of Short’s upbringing is the backdrop for I, Martin Short, Goes Home, wherein Short is keen on staging a benefit concert for an old childhood TV idol, played by Fred Willard. Former SCTV cast members Andrea Martin, Eugene Levy, Joe Flaherty and Robin Duke also appear as various characters.