Yes, she broke the rules…but I think they could have found another solution.

Jann Arden booted from train

OTTAWA — Scheduled to perform at the National Arts Centre Sunday at 8 p.m., singer Jann Arden says she was thrown off a VIA Rail passenger train because she brought her dog, Midi, on board in a small bag.

She says she was left in Oshawa and had to rent a car to get to Ottawa.

“Midi and I got booted off of via rail on route to Ottawa…scrambled and am in a town car now..4 and a half hours!” Arden tweeted Sunday morning. “Just so you know…we r in a town car cruising towards the Capitol…the show will go on! Eat my bra via rail.”

She also added: “VIA_Rail you guys suck…a four pound dog in a bag and you boot me off in the middle of nowhere? Nice….”

While Arden’s anger is understandable, VIA’s policy regarding pets is stated explicitly on its site.

“Pets — excluding guide dogs — are not allowed in passenger cars. They must travel in the baggage car, which means aboard trains that offer checked baggage service,” VIA Rail says.