He never quite made his mark. Good luck moving forward, buddy!!

Saturday Night Live Casualty: Paul Brittain, aka “Sex” Ed Vincent, Exits

Saturday Night Live is down a cast member.

A show insider has confirmed that Paul Brittain has left SNL after a one-year stint as a featured player and will not be appearing on this weekend’s episode hosted by Channing Tatum.

Guess this means no more “Sex” Ed.

The 34-year-old funnyman joined the late-night comedy series for its 36th season back in September 2010, but was a relatively quiet presence, never moving up to the rank of regular performer.

Among Brittain’s most memorable characters were Croatian stand-up comic Goran “Funky Boy” Bogdan, Lord Wyndemere and “Sex” Ed Vincent, a sexpert who holds enthusiastic symposiums on the subject. He also did impressions of James Franco and Johnny Depp.

No reason was given for his departure, though Entertainment Weekly quotes a source close to the comic as saying Brittain “had the opportunity to pursue other projects, and he and the show parted ways amicably.”

A rep for the actor was unavailable for comment, and there was no official comment from NBC.

Brittain, the nephew of legendary comedian Bob Newhart, is far from the only performer to leave Saturday Night Live after such a brief tenure. Notable short-lived Not Ready for Primetime Players include Laurie Metcalf, Ben Stiller, Damon Wayans and Janeane Garafalo.