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‘Anchorman’ sequel plans shelved Will Ferrell has said there won’t be an ‘Anchorman 2’

Will Ferrell has said that there will be no sequel to Anchorman.

Earlier this year, the actor said it had been discussed and the idea was going ‘back and forth’.

However, the actor told Sky News: “The truth is they don’t want to make a sequel. We try and tell them that people constantly ask when we’re making one and everyone gets so excited at the thought. But apparently I don’t have the power to change their mind.

“But easy come, easy go. Maybe if it’s meant to be it might happen down the line.”

He added:That’s what’s fun about Ron Burgundy, I can play him when I’m 55 as easily as I can play him now at my current age of 32.

The actor also made fun of the nude Scarlett Johansson photos that were leaked last month.

He said: “I try to release nude pictures of myself to the media but they send them straight back in the mail. They are like ‘thanks but no thanks’. I mean – I’m trying!”