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‘The Office’: Josh Groban joins Andy’s family too
A day after “The Office” gave Andy Bernard parents, the show is giving him a little brother.
Grammy-winning singer Josh Groban will guest-star as Andy’s (Ed Helms) younger brother on an episode this fall, Deadline reports. Presumably that episode will be the same one that features Stephen Collins and Dee Wallace as his parents.
We’re also guessing that there might be a fair amount of sibling rivalry. Groban is playing Walter Jr., which “Office” aficionados will recall was originally Andy’s name, until his parents decided his younger brother was more deserving of it.
It probably wouldn’t be out of the question to expect a Bernard brothers musical duet/competition either, one which we suspect would not go in Andy’s favor. 
Although we wonder why the Bernard family might make its way from Connecticut to Scranton — could it be to celebrate their son’s promotion to branch manager? Or perhaps their false belief that Andy was promoted? We’re just spitballing here.
“The Office” premieres Thursday, Sept. 22 on NBC.