Love that Foo!!!

Foos shocked over album sales
Having performed for 80,000 people at London’s Wembley Stadium in 2008, one would think the Foo Fighters have attained uber-rock star status. But when they found out earlier this week their new album Wasting Light might hit the top of the charts, they weren’t exactly in rock star environs.
“When we found out how the album was doing earlier this week, we were really blown away,” Grohl says alongside his bandmates during a Toronto promotional stop. “We’re sitting in a f—ing Chick-fil-A yesterday having chicken sandwiches after playing in someone’s barn and somebody came up and said, ‘This is how many records you sold on the first day.’ We were like, ‘Holy f—ing s—!’
“We found out and then we all ordered a banana pudding milkshake,” guitarist Chris Shiflett adds to laughs.
“And then we got in the van and got on our private jet,” drummer Taylor Hawkins quips.
As Grohl mentioned, the band have also been promoting Wasting Light by staging concerts in garages and barns across North America.
“We’re not ready to jump into a big arena and do a huge arena rock show so why not get warmed up in someone’s barn?” Grohl says.
“The first gig we did was in Yonkers and the guy (John) almost made me cry,” Hawkins says. “He was so stoked, he had gifts for everybody and some old Queen things signed for me and I’ll remember that gig forever. That was one of the top 10 gigs that we’ve ever done and it was in a garage.”