Bruce Campbell Confirms Evil Dead Reboot
Hail to the king baby! Resident big-chinned, B-movie badass Bruce Campbell has confirmed the rumored Evil Dead reboot via a Q&A thread on Redditís ìAsk Me Anythingî section.
After confirming his identity with a picture, the Evil Dead and Burn Notice star answered questions from adoring fans with answers both satirical and serious. When posed a question about the rumored Evil Dead reboot, Campbell confirmed.
ìNEWSFLASH: We are remaking Evil Dead,î Campbell said. ìThe script is awesome. I will be one of the producers and possibly play the milk man.î
The ìmilk manî comment does throw the validity of the statement into somewhat of a suspicious light, but a later comment in reference to the possibility of Evil Dead IV further suggests that the reboot is on. ìIn all honesty, we would all love to make another Evil Dead movie,î Campbell said. ìWhen that will happen? Who can say ñ weíre all working on other jobs right now. Weíre not trying to dodge anybodyís questions, there just isnít that much to talk about. The remakeís gonna kick ass ñ you have my word.î
So what does all this mean? An Evil Dead reboot is definitely (probably) happening, but when is still up in the air. Evil Dead IV, on the other hand, remains a wishful dream, but one everyone wants and one we have a feeling Campbell and Raimi are willing to fight for.