No sex on first date for Coldplay fans
Fans of the band Coldplay are less likely to have sex on a first date than those who rock out to Nirvana, a new survey shows.
The website asked users “how far would you go on a first date” and gave three possible answers: I’d only meet up for a chat, perhaps a kiss, and all the way if there was chemistry.
The survey received 408 responses. Those posing the question looked at the average response for people who were fans of the top 20 most popular artists as of March 27, and assigned a score to the answers. Those who said they’d only meet up for coffee got one point, while those willing to go all the way got three.
Nirvana fans were the most likely to hook up, followed closely by Metallica, Linkin Park and Kanye West.
At the other end of the spectrum, Coldplay fans would only meet up for a chat, while Adele, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry fans also weren’t looking for more than just words on a first day.
Those in the middle – who may or may not give their coffee date a peck on the cheek – included the Beatles, Rihanna and Arcade Fire.
Looking at two rival British bands, Oasis and Blur, the survey found 20% more Blur fans were “more likely to do the mummy-daddy dance” than Oasis fans.
“So Blur better than Oasis? The jury’s still out on that one,” a blog post about the survey on the website said.
But why are Coldplay fans less likely to jump into bed on the first date?
“Beats us,” the blog post said. “But next time you’re having inappropriate thoughts, it may be wise to save on your water bill and instead of taking a cold shower, put on X&Y (Coldplay’s third studio album).”