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Neil Gaiman To Write ‘The Doctor’s Wife’ For Doctor Who!
Ever since its announcement a few years ago, Whovians have eagerly awaited the upcoming Doctor Who episode written by the award-winning Neil Gaiman (Sandman, The Graveyard Book). Its recently revealed title, ëThe Doctorís Wife,í has further fueled the excitement for this collaboration between Gaiman and ëWhoí writer Steven Moffat. Itís important to remember that Doctor Who episode titles have been misleading in the past. The stories ëThe Doctorís Daughterí and ëThe Next Doctor’ both surprised audiences with unexpected twists and turns.
Adding to the mystery, The Brilliant Book of Doctor Who 2011 hinted that the Doctor will get married not onceÖ but twice. There have been furious rumors about the possibility of River Song being the Doctorís wife since her Season Five return. One of the Doctorís current companions, Amy Pond, specifically asks River if she is married to the Doctor. River neither confirms nor denies, but insinuates that there is much more to the story. Evidence from various episodes suggests that while she and the Doctor could have a future romantic relationship, marriage is not involved. If River isnít the answer, what is ëThe Doctorís Wifeí referring to? A simpler explanation could be that the title alludes to Amyís marriage to Rory, a nurse who could eventually become a doctor.
The internet is buzzing with speculation and anticipation for this episode. Season Six of Doctor Who premieres April 23rd on BBC.