Good luck, boys!!

Rockers survive second quake
Terror rockers The Melvins are counting their blessings after finding themselves stuck in Japan during Friday’s massive earthquake – weeks after surviving the tremors which struck New Zealand last month.
The American group was waiting to catch a flight out of Christchurch airport in New Zealand in February when the country was hit by a 7.1-magnitude quake, leaving more than 160 people dead.
Bandmember Buzz Osborne revealed he feared the building would collapse and crush them “like dumb chickens” during the disaster, but they never expected to experience the same terror again while on the Japanese leg of their tour.
The Melvins were among those left running for their lives on Friday when an 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit Japan, causing a huge tidal wave to take out coastal areas. They made another lucky escape and took to to detail their relief.
In a post on the social networking site, they write, “Another big earthquake in Tokyo! Melvins’ members and crew are fine.”
And the rockers have been left in disbelief at their bad luck.
In a statement issued to the Los Angeles Times on Saturday, Osborne says, “What are the odds of us being in TWO major earthquakes on TWO continents in about TWO weeks? In the billions?”
The Melvins were due to play their last show in Tokyo on Friday evening.